Core Values and Mission Statement

To Help You Avoid Making the Mistakes Searching Aimlessly on the World Wide Web in Trial and Error for...

A Library of High Quality Wealth Building Resources in One Place, that is 
Tested, with Real Money, and With Real Results... That it is Successful in What it Says It Will Do!

With Our Scam Education Awareness and Warning Platform and Risk / Safety Review Rating Platform, You Will Have The Information You Need to Educated and Build Your Confidence and Avoid Being Taking Advantage Of!
Wealth Building Opportunities, Tried, Tested and True!
Wealth Building Opportunities
Tried, Tested and True

Ace Global Wealth will only recommend opportunities we have put to the test and has proven it does what it says, with integrity, reputation and results!

There are some amazing investment services that can build your wealth, the general public may not be aware of, but there are a world of scams or exaggerated claims out there. Now you can avoid them!

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Useful Apps, Services and High Quality Education

High quality education to help with better investment direction and avoid purchase mistakes!

Products, services and apps! We list them with a review!

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General Community Knowledge
General Community of Knowledge and Contribution

We love to know what you know, that is successful, powerful and recommend to be apart of our business model!

If there are amazing apps, services, and tools that can be added to the library, please lets us know, through our support system or social media!

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Our Platform as A System

Our Platform is a combination of processes to bring forth the research and credibility of real investment opportunities that are high returning and profitable for building true wealth through a system of checks and verification processes.

With the high volume of scam sites out there, it is virtually hard to know what is a scam and what is real. It brings validation to our platform and process to give true purpose in what our core values and mission does!


Our Scam Education Awareness Platform

Developed from auditing platforms and being approached with countless of scams and learning about the amount of people who have been scammed out of a lot of money.

This has developed our education platform to highlight key components to be aware of that will help you identify what is a scam.

Our Scam Warning Platform

When we identify a scam we will include it in our list of scam warnings as a review and show our findings. This helps as grow our education of our awareness platform.

Our Audit Process... Real Money and Real Results

When we identify opportunities that have various ranges of credibility, we will take the risk. We invest, test out the company to verify the results. We stay invested in them, while we build trust and understand how the company stands in the form of true values, success, transparency, risk and real corporate actions. We show the results, which leads to our 4th platform.

We have in our networking teams opportunities where we are able to verify real auditing of businesses, locations and the corporate teams to bring further credibility.

Our Risk / Safety Awareness Platform

We give reviews and rate the company based on a level of factors, that may give green lights or risk warnings to be considered based on the audit process. This review process will help investors to make better informed risk based decisions, how to approach an opportunity and where they can lead further with their own research to gain true belief and confidence in the real platforms. We have them and they are real and operating!

Our Wealth Compounding Builder Info Kit

With a diversification of opportunities, we show how to reduce risk by using all opportunities as a system of growth and use them in a combination to compound a portfolio and increase income.

Where to Start

Our member area is where to start! Take a look! Check it out! Observe and learn and build your confidence.

It doesn't take a lot of money to build a passive income or grow a portfolio, and see amazing results soon! You can have that extra income you desire and enjoy your financial goals sooner rather than later.

If you do not have much money to invest, then this gives greater importance to our platform to help protect people from being taking advantage of who truly are looking for a solution.

If you have more wealth and risk tolerance or a portfolio, you will be able to add additional high return on investment options as a part of a diversification and compounding process! The ability to fast track compounding wealth, will become a great system, where risk is reduced and income is greatly increased, putting your wealth in high gear with a level of safety consideration!

Are You Still Waiting or On The Fence?

Continue to read on! There is a lot of transparency you will find with Ace Global Wealth, the CEO and company filings from our About Us and Transparency page. We are new still, founded Nov 2020, and our future has become very bright with the purpose discovered in our initial platform and why transparency has become a super important part of our business model!

Once you feel confident with what we are about and the purpose of our direction, join the member area and our social media page and help us establish our credibility over time! As you become confident to dip your toes in and become trusted in our platform as time does all the telling, please comment on our success and provide testimonials!

Learning About The Scams Out There Gave Me Passion...

My Social Media Profile

My Ace Global Wealth Social Media Page

More About My Self Further Down...

Transparency and personal representation became a key factor...

At first I didn't feel the need to have a personal identity for my company direction. My goal to provide real investment platforms tested and verified that they are successful is great purpose! It is the seed that lead this company and brought it to where it is today!

The Risk/Safety Rating Platform was developed to bring forth the level of transparency of opportunities! It rates companies highly with great leadership, high level of transparency, a corporate location(s), partnerships, and other benefits that further give it a green light.

Ace Global Wealth invests in opportunities that are found to be credible and show the success over time. Every opportunity we research that we can identify as a scam, we will list it in our Scam Warning Platform and notify our members. If we are uncertain of the legitimacy, we will test it and advise the caution in our rating as we determine it. Scams are becoming increasingly complex and in some ways the rabbit hole can go deep and this is why time will tell.

It was becoming very noticeable that even my brand was becoming harder to market based on the hyper awareness and the way people have been taking advantage of. How many other sites can be created to look real to lure investors. Many people around the globe trust a little too easily, dive in deep without doing some serious due diligence, and allow the dream to make the decision first.

It became a question, "how am I suppose to differentiate my self from them?" A member of an investment company I am involved with said, "please give these guys a big welcome, as they are so afraid of being scammed, as they have been scammed and very hurt before." I congratulated them, I asked to let me know what scams they have come across as it is apart of my Scam Awareness and Warning Platform. They told me they don't trust anything, they did due diligence and their family lost $100,000, labeling a list of them.

My heart bled for them. I was trying my best to provide them confidence, that this company we are all in is excellent, it is the real deal and they are in good hands, expressing the validity of the company and our team.

As I tried to provide confidence, my heart was sinking for them. I felt my self being in their shoes. Everything I said, I felt like I could be the scammer. It was heart breaking and all I knew at that point was the future of this company just established its soul and had it's first real heart beat.

My purpose as a CEO for this company understood the true potential and future. I gave them some good tips and said you are in good hands, trust me, you will see even in a couple years, you will see. When you do see, come check out my company for some truly awesome opportunities, where you can protect capital, grow it securely and insured, with a solid high return on investment from a leader company.

That's all I could really do, feeling defeated in a way, but challenged to build transparency about how many scams are out and why my personal identity was essential to build credibility with Ace Global Wealth. It became my goal to make a personal appearance video explaining Ace Global Wealth's goals and purpose, create a CEO founder profile, pictures, personal social media links and to fully disclose absolute transparency! I am a real person, my facebook is real!

I look forward to my brand becoming recognized, trusted and have people stand behind what this mission is about. My personal gratitude goes out to all of you who have been scammed. It is my personal goal, best wishes and interest, that you will see better days, especially from our platform and experience a turn around, where good experiences are the outcomes of your investments and life enjoyed from them!

More About Cameron Edwards

It has been a childhood dream to work for CN Rail as an engineer since I was 5 years old. I engrained the love for trains in my blood from my family and visiting my uncle in Jasper, AB, Canada, and seeing my Grandpa when he was retired from the railway in Victoria BC, Canada.

My grandpa was a yardmaster for 52 years with CN and I have his CN retirement plaque on my wall, acknowledging 49 years as he was too young at the time to be legally reconized for his full years of service. I used to always look at the track on it. It was the connection to HO scale model trains as I loved model trains.

Now I don't really bother with model trains in away, I do have a passion for them, and collect slightly. I had big dreams about a place in BC. I would have loved to set up a massive model railway club, by CP and CN rail lines near Kamloops. Who knows... I am not crazy about materialism, but this would be a great hobby or old fart thing to do one day, if I become that wealthy or have an organization where this may become a reality and of course live long enough to see it!!!

When visiting my Uncle in the beautiful northern town Jasper, Alberta, Canada. I loved to play around the town, always loved looking at the trains in the yard and watch them come in and out from the east and west side. I would hike mountains and watch them as I went up, until they went out of sight. I would go fishing at the river and trails along the railway. I loved seeing the big amazing machines and long trains, waving at the crews. They probably knew me as I was the biggest nut bar for wanting to work for CN, inquiring about it to everyone I could, and applying at 18 continuously. My uncle was the biggest advocate to everyone about my train fascination and goal.

My dream was realized at the age of 25, year 2005 and it's been a joy full of love, challenges and conquership, that passion and love will lead to the highest level in life. I appreciate all the CN network, and everyone that has been involved in my life, as running trades and management. I am happy to see everyone become better and reach higher levels with their careers. For all you scammers out there that may be reading this... That is what you should be priding your life on, and not ripping people off.

I enjoyed skateboarding from age 14 - 25 and again at 35-37... I still in away want to get back in it a bit to show my boys, daddy can rock a skateboard.

As for finances, I have developed an interest at about 20 years old, learning to budget and how to save, and use simple tools we have to improve financial wealth. This lead to my entrepreneurship and goal in finances and wealth, which is not an easy feat learning everything your self and mastering the entire world with it. I still have big projects and goals with it and my failures have lead to my greatest successes and wisdom.

I have become very knowledgable about trading and investing. I am in the process of making a financial series as well a marketing series from all the marketing knowledge I have developed. I can say from 2005 to now, that my investment knowledge is pretty acute, aware and refined, even if I have no degrees! My trading skills have become successful and is a real asset. I can educate how real the returns are and why, from our credible investment opportunities offered here.

Many of us do not understand the true potential of return on investment from trading global markets, and it is staggering, the actual reality and truth to the matter!

I don't know where I am going with my career for sure with CN, as the amount of projects I have in my business entrepreneur lifestyle is super massive. I may end up taking this on full time, or I may just have a comfortable lifestyle where I can railroad or be apart of a bigger picture and lead CN with higher roles.

Enjoy the ride, and enjoy not having to master the world of investing and that there are real professionals who have true passion and companies that create wealth for people, with little or big investments.

CEO and Founder Ace Global Wealth
Cameron Edwards

Our Goal and What We Want To Accomplish... 
And What We Wanted to Avoid

Ace Global Wealth A Trademark and Is A Registered Business

This is our way to show transparency and commitment to our brand and future value! Ace Global Wealth is serious in our representation, and are proud to provide more confidence to our potential customers in what we say we are doing as a company! Our credibility and loyalty to our platform and customers is important to our success and future!

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Our Goal In Our Service Direction

Our goal is about life, that time is money. We offer lucrative opportunities and services that allow you to avoid learning the markets and making the mistakes to build wealth, this is a goal for many people. There are limited places where one can invest and truly get ahead.

The markets are risky, volatile, take patience, know how and in many cases a lot of trial and error, that can set you back years. Our image we like to promote is the woman, relaxing, enjoying the moment to her self in peace, stress free, doing what she wants to do with her time! Most of what will be provided here will be services that are set it and forget it, that will build your wealth with the best lucrative opportunities.

Our Disclaimer

We don't want to promote anything without the expectation that there always can be risk and potential loss. We will bring opportunities with as much credibility and quality as we can. It is important to diversify, and that we do not control the outcome of any company we recommend. We can only bring you information, knowledge of what we know and for you to do further research to become comfortable in the service(s) that are listed and recommended.

It is suggested to always talk to a financial advisor, however, keep in mind they may advise you away from what can be truly lucrative opportunities, that they just don't understand. It is important to diversify, start small, gain confidence, and then build from there. Only risk what you can afford to potentially lose, if you take on more risk.

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