Best Practices to Build Your Faith and A Relationship with God

Read A Bible

It is important to start reading the word of God. We are here for one lifetime and when I considered this later on I said, "the least I could do is at least read the bible and give God the chance." I almost didn't get this chance and God must have made sure I was given the chance as he knew I would have said that if I dies up until now.

The bible may not be easily understood as a beginner from the beginning of Old Testament to the New Testament, depending on the skill level of the reader. It could be interpreted various way or disregarded as events that are not possible in some cases.

Like the Tower of Bable story. (God twists the tongues of Man into different languages and they scatter over the nations dividing man kind into new nations, as they built a tower to try and reach the heavens to be like God, but to idol them selves.) I had a person who asked me, "Do you really think that was real? The bible is not meant to be taken literally, it is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and it is about the moral." She has a christian belief, but is much so living a sinners lifestyle.

Well as all aspects of God are true, yes it is meant to be taken literally! Otherwise Jesus is not meant to be taken literally! This is a test of faith in life and God tests our faith when we think all is well with our own lives and see if we can maintain our faith of him. It is based on history and God acted in different ways from the Old Testament to the New Testament, as we became governed by the new law of Jesus.

One thing we have to remember, God created the universe and thus us. He is in control of all things and if we can just open our minds and wrap our brains around that concept, it will be easier to understand the truth of the power God has.

Once your faith builds to a level of accepting and loving Jesus and why he is the Son of God, the bible becomes very real and not just a moral or something you take with a grain of salt, but a realization there is nothing our God can't do.

We live in a world where it is mixed with many religions and beliefs and its hard to understand and know what to believe is real... I had to look at other religions to ensure I was not missing something and could properly weigh the truth. I came to some stunning realizations and conclusions, that I would never have understood. I see why the Holy Bible is real and Jesus is the Son of God and the Trinity that makes up the entire function of our Human Perfect God.

Find A Church You May Like

We all say it and have heard it from others and I can relate to this as I said this my self and thought it. Saying to others imaging our feet catching fire or sparks flying when we enter the threshold line of the church door!

Gaining the courage to go to church is not easy. It does however get easier and comfort builds the more you go. We are so use to our other life, the sinful one! The best part I have to say about discovering the truth about the world and God is when you realize the blinders are being removed and no longer do you see the world or view it the way you use to before. That it is actually even hard to know how to view it the way you use to and that many people see it the way you did before.

I still look at everyone like they see the world through truth and God as I do and of course most people don't. This is the beauty of how we live in blindness, and before blindness this was the world in perfect truth and why when it is removed we can't look at it through the blindness of others how they see and we use to be.

Building a relationship with the church and church people is something to explore. In the end if you see a lifestyle in the way you use to live that has some distaste to it, a church is a great place to build an even stronger direction towards and one that can help you stay away from the things you may have not liked about living before.

I am just going to say following God is no instant blessing and growing to understand his work could be very much a paradigm. Sometimes we may be tested that in a way we could completely want to accuse God for everything wrong in our life, while we may be completely missing what he is wanting us to see. Look at my story. I am just thankful I was humble all the way, but it didn't mean that it wasn't hurtful inside to see everything happen the way it did, even if some of the things I was just being a good person even a great person. God just wanted to take that greatness and say hey, you are great, let me show you how you can apply that greatness where it truly will be rewarding. Key word "HUMBLE" greatness!

It wasn't Gods fault, but he gave me something more. Jesus and a blessing to believe in him and that by believing in his power I have faith that I will accomplish amazing things, way beyond what I though I wanted to before. Like this website is all because of God.

Being with my kids everyday and living with the mother in the same home by default of hard circumstances and the need to help each other financially at the same time. This is something that was very annoying, stressful, angered me in ways. I just came to the realization, I still have my kids that love me everyday in my life, regardless of the rest of the stuff, that annoys me and know its the best blessing in the world!

Find a good church that doesn't beat around the bush and teaches topics directly relating to the truth and facing SIN. If we are to explore the truth, God and build our faith, we should stand up to our pain, SIN, truth and allow God to grant us the courage to walk the path and open our hearts to his blessing.

Engage with Church Study Groups or Home Groups

If you remain consistent by going to church most Sundays and are taught by good teachers who are not afraid to teach the truth, likely bible study home groups will be apart of their church. This is a very beautiful time where you can enjoy elaborating on the blessings of God and learn more in depth the actual events of the bible.

This helps you understand more those questions of how can God be so brutal in the Old Testament?

We have to remember the world started in these phases. Adam and Eve (A Perfect World)

Eve breaking Gods trust and Adam defending her (Bringing Down SIN and a Corrupted Fallen World - Old Testament) 

Jesus Born, Death and Resurrection (Into the New Testament and Into the End Times as A Future Prophecy and Gods Plan)

Understand Gods Plan by Reading The Revelation!! So keep reading and engage with this site! I hope this will inspire you to keep building your faith and one day go to church if you do not and perhaps I will get a hello one day from some of you!

This page and my faith is 1.5 years in the making, when I completed this. At this point I feel I could answer just about anyones questions, preach the Gospel confidently, defend the Gospel and God with Truth and I have no fear what so ever about who may fight me on it, reject me or who may not like me.

I love Jesus more and the truth and my faith has allowed me to see the truth in so many ways from Sunday. I have been able to look at versatile dynamics and reverse analogy to come to the truth that speaks that there is a God and he exists and there is no doubt about that. You will see why I feel that way with my topics I write.

Thank You For Your Support

I am opened minded to anyone with questions, opinions, and various levels of thinking, right or wrong, as long as what you are thinking is also up for truth in the matter. All I ask is to keep a sensible manner as I don't believe in censorship, so keep it clean please, you will only make your self look bad if you come out swinging with a bad attitude. Sharing hope or your faith is also very much welcomed!

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