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Taking Faith Seriously Best Practices
The Best Way to Practice

Free Sermons, Movies, Audio Books and Gospels
Pastor Mark Driscoll
   - Jesus Back? (Hamas and the End Times - About Jesus Return)
   - Who is the Antichrist and is He Alive Today?
   - When Will Elijah Return to Earth for His End Times Ministry
   - Who is Teaching Your Kids (Who is Leading Your Children?)
   - Hold the Line (How to Stand Firm in a World of Fire)
   - How Real Men Fight the Devil
Audio Books Chapters of the Bible in Order
   - The Book of Genesis (KJV)
Free Movies and Stories
   - End Times in the Words of Jesus Christ
   - The Covenant
   - Moses and the Story of Exodus
   - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Genesis)
   - The Gospel of John | The Story of Jesus Another Version of the Gospel of John
   - The Most Convincing Evidence for a Young Earth
   - The Ancient Biblical Manuscript that Polarized Scholars

Understanding The World for What it is
Adam and Eve is it Real a Perfect World with God?
Why The World Is the Way It Is Today (How Satan Blinds Us From God)
How Some Can Look Down On Each Other... Or God, If So We Don't Know and His Love in Perfection

Who is God, Jesus and the Trinity?
God Knows Everything and Is Perfect, How So?
Gods Character and Why His Plan Makes Sense
What is the Rapture and is it Real?
How God Reveals Him Self
How God Truly Showed Us His Love
Why Jesus is Lord
Jesus? Is the Trinity Real?
The Only Unforgivable Sin

Humanity Vs God. Understanding Our Faults the Truth and His Perfection / Justice

The Consequence of Death Shows God and His Rules We Are Under
Moses's Consequences Shows Gods Justice and Jesus's Grace
A Period Of Grace (Forgiveness) and Humanity Faults

What is the Church?

Born Again, and Why It Has Significance
Why Believe in Jesus When So Many Don't, What is a True Christian?

Growth in Faith and Believing My Personal Revelations (I will delete this and keep this in categories)

Existence is to Acknowledge the Highest Power As Absolute Righteousness (GOD)
Why We Need God (We are not God)

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