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The bible is a historical account of records starting from the Torah. This is the first four books of the bible given to Moses from God (As told in the bible) for the jewish people to follow as they are chosen to follow the Torah and be the example of the will of the Lord Almighty.

As all stories are told (Or it wouldn't be much of a story) and is true to real life, things surely do not go as perfect as God would like (Us all to be) But that sets the stage to show Gods, love, grace mercy, time and time again after justice comes down hard enough on the Jewish people for straying away from the one true God and worshipping other nations false Gods.

The bible has always prophesied Jesus's first coming in a form of a the Son of Man, the Son of God as a Messianic King to the Jewish people who would bring down the Kingdom of heaven and establish it on earth forever, by writing it on the hearts of all people in every nation. That they can not miss it, nor have the excuse they were not aware of this significance... That is written as the entire store in the Holy Bible and the end times that are prophesied as the second coming of Jesus.

The bible is hard to grasp at a first reading. It is broken up into 2 sections. The old testament is the collection of the historical events of nations, specifically surrounding the Israelites (As they are chosen as Gods people by the promise of the covenant through Abraham) and how God's presence has played rolls directly and indirectly, from the beginning genealogy to the birth of Jesus Christ. Those events are being lived out today through this history such as the Hamas Palestine and Israel War we seen start in 2023.

The Old Testament reaches its end to begin the New Testament with the ministry of Jesus Christ, anointed of the Holy Spirit from the father to share the eternal life of Gods Kingdom as a sacrifice / saviour of our human faults.

The Bible can be hard to believe, but once you see the history and the mind is opened to knowledge and truth, God becomes known and the bible no longer seems so unreal, when we know a power that is far beyond our minute capabilities and limitations. This is why watching powerful sermons and going to a church that teaches the truth and does not sugar coat it or hide the bible teachings is important, along with attending home groups for bible study. It is the goal to become like Jesus and experience the power of a good glorified life and why God is truly the only way in the end to that life and eternal life as you will live it righteously with him, if you choose to listen to the calling. (There is no living in SIN in the kingdom of Heaven) That is called pure hell and right now is an in between time of both forces at work. Which one do you want in the end. 100% eternal glory with God, or total separation from God and 100% eternal pain and suffering. That is how important your consideration for salvation actually mean.

If you just read the bible once, it could just be a story that could be easily misunderstood and overlooked with a false sense of denial and a blindness of reasons that why would God be like this... while we excuse the world all around us for what we actually are our selves. (The faults we want to blame shift to God)

The Old Testament is true history that reflects in the world today. And the New Testament is shaping up to the end times like we never could have imagined before the internet took a foothold. Now the reality can be seen.

This is why watching some of these videos is an extremely important way to get a grasp of the bible and what it actually says and why the "HOLY BIBLE" is not just worlds on a book, but a book from God him self as an account, a sacrifice to us of him self and a saviour in the end for eternal life. Don't you think God would be on top of his own design?!!

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