The Consequence of Death Shows God and His Rules We Are Under

If you are not sure what truth is thus God.. We can be very confused about life and death and why all this is happening and what does it mean and there is a tendency to blame God for it, and not our selves.

To ask your self the question, who is God, and what would he be like? Is the perfect starting point to realize the truth in the world and how all the harm in the world is the consequences that defines Gods rules, and that we are all subject to them. If he is then why are we not?

God is not just a set of consequences from a universal law that happened to be what guides the universe when it came into existence. God is the supernatural eternal existence, that has always and will always exist, that rules all things and is in control of all things outside of the universe. This is why opening your heart to God and praying and developing a relationship with him will change the course of your life grandly. He knows everything and controls everything and can help you in life when you seek him.

Death is the consequence from the beginning of Adam and Eve when they disobeyed the 1 commandment of God. He instructed to them at the beginning of the bible in Genesis to eat of all the trees, except the tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil.

The problem when they disobeyed the commandment, they didn't ask for redemption and forgiveness, and passed the blame down to the deceiver. This is a very common style of events that takes place in so many peoples lives that causes so much destruction. God is holy and perfect and sinless, therefor is God!!! God has to be perfection and just as that is eternal life and power. Anything less is death. That is why he is God and thank goodness we are not. It would be terrifying if our God was immoral.

Unfortunately, since we disobeyed God, the first consequence / punishment is death for all humanity. The loss of eternal life. However, God being so gracious did send us a saviour, redeemer (Jesus) who forgives us of our sins and took in place our eternal punishment for his perfect righteousness.

Because he lived a perfect life in our place, he beat death and eternal punishment we all deserve. God raised him from the dead as you cannot kill righteousness with evil. The fact he asked the father to forgive us, "as we do not know what we do," is why the Father gave Jesus all authority to be our SAVIOUR, eternal master and judge in the end for our eternal destination. (There was only one destination without Jesus and that is hell. AKA: eternal punishment) This is why he is God incarnated. And why all things lead to Christ, the truth of who God actually is as redeemer, but also is just in punishment. He will judge us in the end, and those who reject his gift of redemption will be judged and places into hell. (What else do you expect? - Re read this paragraph again... There is so much truth and a serious warning in this) Does it make sense why we need to be saved, why he is granted the authority of our salvation.

That is a choice we have to make and many in this world will chose their sin and reject Jesus or God and the consequence is eternal punishment without God in the lake of fire. We can put faith in these things because Jesus spoke of them in the bible as real. Jesus and this life is not a joke as so many of us seem to think so. It is not going to be a joke when the time comes. God is not a joke.

The bottom line to all of our consequences is it shows that we fall under the rules and ownership of God and when we chose Bad over Good, or do Evil or things against the commandments and will of God, there is consequences that are a form of punishment. Because in the end it shows who God is and that he is only good and not bad and is also governed by justice.

This is what we need to understand about our lives and why we need to be born again and why we need to repent and follow God's Will, Jesus Commands and that this comes with a true blessing. The biggest one is eternal life with Jesus.

As you can see the truth, we were destined from the beginning for eternal life. We were meant to live forever with God and we messed this up, as crazy of a mess this is we see today, it is real and you can see why Jesus is our second chance with almost unlimited chances... The thing is time is running out and the end is coming faster than ever or your end will... Both times are unknown as to when. That is the cliff hanger in the bible and it is better to turn to righteousness and put faith in the one who redeems us all and paid our price / debt for us, because that is the truth and that is not a joke or something to thinks it is not to believe in. It is totally something to be grateful for and believe in, because it happened, it is the truth and it is real.

This world today is all the result of not just the initial Sin, but all sins of the world. The biggest precedence is the story of Abraham and his wife and the consequence for their lack of faith against Gods covenant. This also shows Gods faithfulness when he makes promises, even when we are faithless.

This has a profound consequence in this world today, that will bring us to the end and the 2nd coming of Jesus. That alone should be enough to see how the wrong in the world today is progressing towards a very wrong platform to the revelation of the bible and why it is real. Evil rising is going to manifest a real consequence especially to all of those who want their Sin and be lawless.

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