Existence is to Acknowledge the Highest Power As Absolute Righteousness (GOD) the Creator of the Universe

Existence is a powerful thing to comprehend. Existence in a world as we know it without understanding the power of righteousness is what keeps many of us from experience and understanding Gods power.

But when removing all the noise, clutter and clouded information in our minds that obscures our ability to see in the most simplest of ways and ask, what is existence? It is eternity, and that is not this universe, as it is created, and for something to be created from nothing, something had to create it.

With all the noise in our daily lives for many of us it is hard to comprehend what God is and how he could create the universe and in many ways we can fall in default blinding our selves to not believing such a thing could be true.

First off if existence is real as it is and we all can say it is true, this existence of power at its highest form is not us! For anything to exist is to be eternal!

This is where God exists! It is the most amazing thing to begin to ponder, and think about. The only way existence can happen is at Gods level, absolute righteousness and all knowing power. The mystery and awe struck wonder will be always to know that existence is alive and real! It is amazing when you go in circles in your mind just in pure wonder struck of it.

Sceptic about that? You are here are you not? There is truth or lie, right or wrong, is this true or false?

Just answering that question and leading down that path of answering everything in life with this logic will lead you to one thing... Truth... Truth is absolute power and righteousness and God can only be Truth otherwise he could not be God.

So when thinking about the Gospel and following God's will. The more you align to this the better of a life you will lead and live.

If you have not understood Jesus yet. That is a great set of articles worth reading and become thankful for.

How Do We Know God Created the Universe?

If you are thinking existence is because the Universe is and that it is just because it just is with no explanation or reason... That is the worse logic in the world. The would not be logical! To understand the creation of the universe and its existence and our intelectual being is to understand God is Logical and is alive as an eternal existence. What is amazing to ponder is he was never created him self and always existed on the base principal that logic exists and that is what makes up the components of The Trinity.

To keep this simple everything comes from something and is a creation from something. For the universe to come from nothing makes zero sense. Eternity just came into existence and one day it is going to go out of existence for eternity? What kind of logic is that.

That would be like saying logic exists but then will no longer exists or the universe will become void and empty after it was created from nothing with all mater of life from nothing that created it. Huh? Would it be created again? that would be some redundant senseless existence with no real purpose and that would make everything pointless.

That is a way to discover a direction towards God, is to understand logic has always existed and logic can only point to the highest power, if you are still seeking to understand if it is actually real.

As you begin to understand the Gospel and the TRUTH about power of righteousness and GOD vs the Death of SIN and why God has created this and allowed this to all happen at the expense of his Sacrifice and eternal alteration of his supernatural life as Jesus to an Encarated life as Lord. You will see exactly the beauty of who God is and what he has done for us. The Son of God Jesus who Obeyed the Fathers will sent to earth born by sinless nature through a virgin, to live a perfect life we could not do for our selves to die on the cross and take the burden of all our debts we deserve to die for and paid the price for us freeing us from SIN who may have faith in his salvation, giving us the holy spirit and the path to eternal life with him and in all righteousness when the universe is recreated new. This is the eternal glory that awaits our lives for the fact we broke Gods trust and he knew it was going to happen before the foundation of the universe was even conceived. This is why God can't justify us to live in his perfect righteous commands and laws and why Jesus died for us, giving us his righteousness in trade for our SIN.

We will be reinstated after this and will no longer have satan or SIN and will worship the one we need the most today. GOD!

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