How God Reveals Him Self

I am sure God is revealing him self to the no believer or those who are atheistically questioning everything or not really opening their mind to allow the truth to sink / not accepting it.

When we live in a denial of the Lord, we live in our blindness of what the truth actually is and miss or don't care to acknowledge what God may have done to show his presence and power and continue to dismiss it as random consequence. Luck. magic, some mystical power of the universe, it must have been our dead anti.

It may be a real confusion. I will give that 100% absolute yes. But one mystery at a time can be solved by one truth at a time being discovered. Overtime, It will answer the confused questions, wonders and bring you out of denial to an undeniable truth eventually.

If we choose to stay in a blindness and not open the mind to discover actual righteous godly truth, then we never may see how God reveals him self and as an essence, Satan as it may, has complete control over how you may see the world in this blind state with a lie as truth.

The best thing I did was give my life over to trust the lord completely with my life blindly, and it eventually lead to me giving my life to Jesus by baptism. (That is in my introduction New and Old Testament) What happened for me as I gave my faith to God was I slowly seen how things happened in an order and it seem to have some precision to it. Of course I had to wonder, but I was like that was significant to me only. It was genuine to me.

Things happened more like this. Somethings I could not explain that had been really random and only really seem to have personal significance to me. Okay so was this all random or consequence? These things in different ways continued to happen in various specific related random events God seemed to reveal him self through the consequences of this world.

Even every church sermon I had gone to had powerful relation directly connected to that week I had encountered in my life. Even to a point it was so powerful the message was actually in a will to lead a decision that I must obey, perfectly related to that whole presentation from Gods will, that Satan was dangling a carrot in my face.

Even a computer glitch I couldn't fix, I tried everything for a day and I said I feel dumb to pray about this, but then why should I stop my self, just pray and I did for the humbleness of it all. I finally gave up trying and at that exact last step to click the button wipe the computer so I can send it to recycling, the computer became cleared of the glitch. It's been like a 6 months at this time (Aug 2023) or more and still working perfect.

Eventually, the realization and love comes into your heart to realize God knows everything, before it ever happened. He knows your heart and that is what is the biggest key here.

Once you come to accepting that only God eternally as life can only know all outcomes, you truly fall in love with him and enjoy his presence in your life as you experience his will by giving control of your life to him! He is the most beautiful! Enjoy his will for you. It is different for everyone and he can reveal him self in unlimited ways special to you, because you are special to him and are created special by him. He loves you and can show you a tremendous gift of love, even when you really may not deserve it, if your heart is true, then he can bless you in that area.

See the truth, love and how the spirit plays. How things completely unconnected to you with the presence of others and God's can show he is there and he knows us all at all moments of our lives.

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