Adam and Eve and A Perfect World Was it Real?

A Perfect World

The way I started to transition towards God and understand him aside from us was again to think like... If I were God, would I create the world perfect or broken from the beginning?

For my self this question really opened my eyes from the blindness of where we are in this world today and why the story of Adam and Eve began to really make sense. This was one of my first topics I explored in this way and one that had a profound effect to removing the blindness.

Ponder Moment: Start off asking such a question... Do you think God would create the world perfect or broken to begin with?

You may have head that we will live in a perfect world again one day, if we have faith in God. This is where your heart will have to guide you with what a true living God would be based on, law, order, justice, love, grace and mercy and come to a conclusion eventually if the Gospel (Holy Bible) makes sense this is our God. Just remember truth is in everything and all aspects of life and in the end it comes down to 1 source being the most righteous. That can only mean 1 thing, perfect and eternal, and that he has a plan to share that with us again!

What About Man Kind? Didn't We Evolve from Apes? (Anyone Know the Bible the World is 6000 years old in 2022)

The Ape theory is away for agnostic scientists to suggest where we came from as a form of evolution. Nothing has been proven yet about this! As your faith and love grows for God and you understand more all the time who he is and what he is capable of, your will stop questioning like a scientist and start to understand, God can do it all! Or do you think he can't create man on earth and give him the breath of life, since God is the source of life him self?

What really gets scientific people the most is that they see a world that is millions of years old.

Ponder Moment: What is amazing when we are talking eternity is that God is eternal and lives in it! He can go forward and backwards in it and see everything and be everywhere in it. That is what God is and why God is God. Therefore being an eternal God of all things and creation, he can create the heavens and the earth at what ever stage in time he wants and execute his plan with all science intact as if it existed for millions of years. Just think about that, it is mind blowing!

God Existed with Man Kind In the Garden of Eden and Man Was Meant to Lived for Ever, How So?

This is a great topic and one that hits you over time, and one that will give you so much appreciation which will allow you to truly discover God and allow you to build your faith into righteousness and everything that righteousness is in truth and power and Gods love for us!

This is the simple truth about God. God is law, holy, perfect, divine, precision, and so on and there is whole other topic that explains this and the trinity and how his love works on this site.

When he made mankind he made us in his own image. This means God is not just a higher power that is out of control and just happened to come into a big bang and boom a universe was born in precision material with human life as some crazy incidental happening.

God created us in his likeness in flash and bone from the Earth.

In this state God is intact with us and can be with us in our sinless lives... (Dun Dun Dun) Adam and Eve were destined to live for ever in a perfect world with God. This was possible because they were holy as well or known as Sinless. Once that sin was broken, that breaks the law of God and the law that runs Gods kingdom. When that law is broken God no longer can have us exist with him in his presence. That is how we separated our selves from God and why as we continue to do so even more if we allow our selves to live a sinful life.

Ponder Moment: Here is the question... Do you think God could allow everyone in this world as we are in his presence in his kingdom? It would be ludicrous he would allow this in his kingdom being so high, holy and righteous.

Ponder Moment: What would a perfect world be like if we could have it (Not A Sinful World)? I would say what God gave us from the beginning, before we said we don't need you and we can do it our own way! (Free World, Free Food, No Sickness, A Father that took care of us, Eternal Love and Happiness with Family and Friends in Righteousness forever, etc)

Ponder Moment: What do you think the consequences of SIN is? It is the result of all bad you see in our world today and why even the most lightest of things can have devastating negative effects to our lives. It is why good people get hurt or used. It is why someone who achieves something they worked is happy while another is jealous of them and hates them for it. It is why people attack others lives over one thing or another no matter how big or small it may be. Ultimately it leads to death physically, but SIN is a spiritual death as well.

It is understandable why it is all Sinful and that this word SIN and how it is associated with the Church and God is why many reject God and try and come up with excuses or reasonings that God is not real or why the SIN they are doing is not SIN or try and reinvest what is and is not SIN... When the consequences come, they blame God for the outcome or use it to not believe he is there for them. Once again our faults not Gods!

He can't be there blessing you if you are going to invoke Sin or the cursed one and the power called Satan.

How Do I Know God Created the Universe?

While human nature is to try and prove everything by what we can see and measure as scientifically proven, I have found God can only be revealed by having faith in him blindly at first, fully completely and just keep holding on and believing no matter what. Hand control of your life into his will and he will begin to show up to as your faith growth higher and higher. I don't think anyone will find him with tools or a device in space.

Space is only a bi-product of his creation for life and to ask and answer a question... Is God capable of creating science of everything we see? I would hope so!

It is easy to think this all just happened and there is no proof that God created it, but to say that would be defiant of a creator that this existed out of nothing and eternity doesn't. Think about that for a moment... What does eternity mean? Do you believe that eternity doesn't exist if the universe you are observing right this minute is existing? What would eternity mean to you then? I would think that there is definitely a higher power that is in control of this place and that we are not it! Is that a statement you could agree with?

As we understand Gods power and precision, and what makes up everything in the universe, we can appreciate that creating the universe for God could be very possible as well ending it can be achieved just as easy. I think many people can't fathom the universe ever being able to end or be destroyed. Scientists on TV show many theories what they think will happen, and nothing I have seen ever has to do with the fact God exists and he can do it! When understanding all material is made up of atoms, which are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons, you can have an appreciation all material is electricity in different configurations based on the periodic table.

The bottom line is the universe exists and to exist is simply amazing to say existence is eternal outside of our universe.

Ponder Moment: But we exist why? For no reason? Well that would be really pointless. To live, experience pain, suffering and death and that is it for nothing more?

Ponder Moment: Now here again is a question to ask your self... If God doesn't exists then non of this has a reason or purpose at all! If God does exists, then this has an amazing reason and purpose to it all! But what is that purpose, might you ask?

That is the best question in the world to ask and it is one that has the most simplistic answer that makes you go oh my God of course that would be his character, if I were God! That is where you really I was really able to appreciate that God is an entity, a person, and loves us and where that relationship can build to give it back to him with our love and heart.

The answer is easier to understand knowing that God would have never created the universe in the first place if he could not fix the problem. As well, he knew before he created the universe, everything that was going to happen, that we were going to disobey his command and trust and separate our selves from him...

Ponder Moment: Another question I found compelling as I realized it and asked it and asked others who don't believe in God, do you think God would turn his back on us?

That is crazy talk if you think so. Of course not. He is God, he is love, he is all power, righteousness and all knowing and he created us. That is some confidence right there that he is going to rescue us from this hell of a world. How would he do that? That is where Jesus comes in and the evidence in that is clear and why discovering him is something we should pride our selves on... Not shun our lives at. This is another topic that is on the site that will explain why we need to be saved. After all we told God we don't need him, and he can honour that if we really want it!


There was a lot of in depth areas this one topic is touching on that can help open your mind and find faith in God. It truly is a great place and starting point to ponder for a while.

The more you learn and open your mind to God, the more you will see a transition from how you use to see the world and how you are seeing it now. Then look back at how you use to see it and how you couldn't imagine it the way you understand and Gods plan now!

When this thinking happens from how did I see the world this way before (The Blind Way)... Once that starts to happen, it really messes you up in the head, because that is when you start accepting God in your spirit and begin to see the true reason why there is something wrong with this world and it is not because of God... It is because of man kind and that we separated our selves from him. (Temporarily)

For the longest time, I didn't see the world as it was man kinds fault for why the world is the so bad or that we broke any kind of covenant or relationship with God. Obviously I had no clue what holy was. But I was amazed that understanding it came naturally after I started to think in Gods kingdom and understand his holiness, and purity. It was like Bam, ahhhh no one who is not holy can be in his presence... how could they?

I looked at the world before I found God just like many others who are agnostic, atheists, even the ones who say they believe in a higher power or are spiritual or even believe in God, but may not understand it or are reluctant to acknowledge God!

I also never read the bible or went to church ever so I had no idea about Gods plan, Aka Jesus and the End Times. (God also has a plan for all of us and how he works through us all to fulfill our trials, whether we learn the hard way or he helps us through them) That is something though you will experience and begin to understand in your journey with God!

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