How God Truly Showed Us His Love

It is not common to hear people say they don't believe in God or words to some extent saying God doesn't love us. It is very understandable, living in this fallen world why we can be mislead into this belief, especially if we do not want to face the truth and be healed by it.

To be healed by the truth is to face our own faults and change them for the better and in order to reach a true healing path we must acknowledge God. We must treat him in a way as we would want to be treated by others or how we would like others to treat us... There is a lot of what we do for good on this earth that is very in line with how God actually is him self. So there has to be an understanding that God is good too, not just us and everything good came from God... The bad in this world is what happened when we broke his trust and became separated from him on this earth and SIN became present. Understand GOD even from a separated presence has never left us and he is available in infinitive ways more powerful than any one of us. Remember he already knows everything, so enjoy the fact he is good and can help you!!!

Because we live in a domino effect of SIN from the beginning, this world is going to hell and those who feel this pain and may blame God, who may even hate him or may think he doesn't loves us or doesn't exists is expressing that truth, that there is something very wrong with this world and it is going to hell. But that is not by his standards by any means or was it ever his intentions. Remember he knows everything and knew everything before ever considering to give us life.

The only way he would allow this to happen is because he loves us and gave us a way to save us and a path for righteousness and to be with him again in the end. Unfortunately this seems to come with very hard knocks for many of us before we accept that God has a standard and if we don't want to live by that then we experience hardships.

This world will not get better or be corrected as we progress and we as human kind will not be able to fix this inherent problem. Regardless, the universe is going to die for the same reasons we do, and this is why GOD is the solution! Why he is capable of the impossible.

Saying all this, God does LOVE US very much, so much that he gave us his son, JESUS, born from the virgin Mary and as a result he was not born from a SIN or into SIN. This is why he was the kind of person he was, sinless!

The topic here is to say GOD can't allow unrighteousness or SIN to be in his kingdom... But he shows us he still loves us greatly as his fallen children to give us Jesus, who on earth and in heaven as apart of the trinity, loves us. It was the fathers plan that Jesus would pay this price for our sins and exchange them for his righteousness.

That price and sacrifice is what makes Jesus Lord, and as a result God, our God. (Who else would God be???!!!) What else would you expect from God, or should I say, what would you be willing to do your self to show love to your family... We are all Gods family and we are all his enemies. We don't deserve this gift when you consider the world as a whole as we are all apart of this fault in a chain of it all. We all have done wrong, little or big, it still applies.

This is why we need to be saved and God did provide us the saviour (The sacrifice of the Son of God!). It is a hard thing to accept to have to be saved, but we do! When this starts to really hit hard, it is a miracle what happens to you and the love and bond you create with the one and only true living God! A simple thank you can be a great start, but don't stop there, keep going with your love and gratitude and continue to explore that love and meaning until the end of time. Just remember God paid our price and suffered our pain for being innocent and sinless.

How many of us would say they would do that for someone who is guilty, even if it is your family. But for God on his level yes it makes sense, because he shows us from it, by the life, death and resurrection, that Jesus is the Life, the Way and the Truth to eternal life and that is what God has in store for us when we place our faith into Jesus as our saviour. And of course we should follow by good works of  following his life.

That is the beauty of the Father, God and the trinity. This is the true God, the true religion and when you understand God's plan for us, and learn more about what Jesus's role is and what he actually suffered for, it will become life changing to realize how amazing and loving God actually is to us, that in order to receive it, all you have to do is have Faith in God and trust him, and accept and ask for Jesus to be in your life and show you how to change for the better.

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