Moses's Consequences Shows Gods Justice and Jesus's Grace

Moses was a very significant person in the bible who lead the jews out of Egypt to the promise land. (Israel)

The Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians, and as the jews grew in population and potential power, they were becoming a threat to the empire.

The Egyptian king AKA: Pharaoh) Ordered the army to kill all males babies. As a result a male child was saved by his mother releasing him in a reed basked in a river. Ironically he was found by the Egyptian kings daughter. She saved him and knew it was a Jewish boy to be executed. She named him Moses as in "Pull or Draw out of Water."

As Moses grew older, God revealed him self to Moses and told him to tell the Egyptian king to free the enslaved Jews... Of course Moses had no idea how that was ever going to be possible. (Long story short)

Of course the Egyptian king laughed and didn't listen and God started to send plagues, which the king wasn't getting the hint. As the kings heart hardened, God said he was going to harden his heart and the last plague he sent was to kill the first born child of every Egyptian family and offspring of the cattle. The Jews were told to take a lamb and paint the blood on the door frame of their place and have the lamb for a supper and this plague would passover them.

As this happened the irony again is Pharaoh's daughter was saved from this plague because of her grace on the Jewish Baby and as essence received God's grace.

Moses lead the slaves out of Egypt as the king told him to take his people and go. But Pharaohs heart grew hard and sent his army out to kill them shortly after.

This is where God gave Moses the 10 commandments and the Torah during this journey.

This is a very significant story and should be studied and learned in full detail, Moses said to the people while they typically would grumble and questing God, wishing they could just go back to slavery where they had some comfort in Egypt. (The reason why they were experiencing such hardships is because they wouldn't humble them selves and have faith in God, but God would provide when things were dyer)

Wanting to go back to slavery where they at least had a home in a sense as they were thirsty... God told Moses, "Take the rod; and you and your brother Aaron assemble the congregation and speak to the rock before their eyes, that it may yield its water. You shall thus bring forth water for them out of the rock and let the congregation and their beasts drink.”...

But Moses took authority away from God losing his patience and said to the people, “Listen now, you rebels; shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock?” Then Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod; and water came forth abundantly, and the congregation and their beasts drank."

The lesson here is Moses was punished. He suffered the consequence and so did all his people who grumbled and questioned God and held God in contempt. None of them were allowed to pass into the promised land except the next generation of children who were innocent as they wondered the wilderness for 40 years. God told Moses he must not cross into the promise land and he died sitting outside of it watching.

The moral here is we are so lucky we are in a period of grace under Jesus. That he passed all the tests for us and that we have so much opportunity to come to him and give our lives to him and not endure the total penalty of Gods judgment and consequence as Moses had to or others, who didn't live under the grace of Jesus Christ as our works alone can not save us.

So don't forget how lucky you are you have time to thank him, give your life to him and change your path and trust in God he will lead all paths straight and provide you the gift you may be seeking in life, without having to pay the ultimate price and penalty and not get it.

Remember and thank Jesus he paid a heavy price and penalty... The full wrath of God for us in his perfection and sinlessness... But his gift to you is eternal life as the father grants him the authority over us all as lord. That is the gift he received instead of the penalty in its full nature.

If Jesus fell to Temptation from Satan, we all would be doomed and destined to hell. Because Jesus is eternal and has always been the observer and obeyer of the father as the trinity, he has always been God supernaturally on the throne, and the father is the only reason why anything is possible (As in divine fundamental perfection and can only be that aspect or component of the trinity) 

This is why Jesus is the living God incarnated for us, because he is the trinity that obeys perfectly to the father as the full aspect of Gods kingdom. What makes him God is he is the saviour, the one who was judged for by his own people for all their entitled selfish sins (And still is by us today) to die on the cross. He is the missed Messiah God sent and his salvation is a gift to all people of all nations and of all races.

The fact he rose from the dead and beat death was prophesied throughout the old testament and fulfilled in detail. He proves eternal life and lived the perfect life, the one we should all live by the expectation of the father. The grace of Jesus is why we can have a relationship with the father and have the holy spirit and a choice to eternal life through placing faith into Jesus and becoming born again.

To say, you place your faith in Jesus and not change your life from your old sinful ways will not go well, and it may eventually bring you on your knees to where you realize you should have just done it right the first time. His gift is not a license for doing wrong or repeat forgiveness to live wrong and is a sin in its self and an abomination to the lord.

That is the difference from a prophet who is not perfect VS Jesus Christ who is Gods holy Son and anointed one who has full authority as author and lord, saviour over our lives and why he will be the one in the end to judge us all.

Placing your faith in him and repenting turning your live towards him and his teaching and commands, means your sins are judged already for your sins and saved. Be humble and confess your sins and ask for forgiveness and change for the better in his name.

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