How Some Can Look Down On Each Other... Or God, If So We Don't Know and His Love in Perfection

Jan 21 2024 (Starting to mark dates of articles as a time reference)

One again as my time in life advances and I go through the struggles of righteousness vs grace, love and mercy, involving hierocracy, I found the holy spirit guiding me with high wisdom in love of Gods characters in a way I was able to communicate to the challenges I was facing with love of another and the judgements we all make and deserve of our selves.

One of my biggest weakness and strengths is how God strengthens a meaning overtime, particularly a relationship. That as trials and hardships are experienced, that we can move through them and come out of them on the other side seeing the bigger picture and the light God can shine on a future.

This light can come strong with true glory as a relationship is facing its hardest time and potentially end. I have seen this a few times with couples. They go through slip ups and I have also witnessed extremes of a relationship facing bad circumstances.

What I really love to see is when both couples especially when there are children involved come back together and realize the love and glory of their lives as a family and display that love more stronger than ever before.

My self have this strength that can see a path that is worth building higher and fighting for that ultimate beauty when things can get to a bad outcome. I realize the things that only matter and that no one but us determines our happiness. As you may understand we tend to allow others to think for us and look at us as who we are and feel powerless for building back up a relationship.

The real truth is that everyone who is a real friend, actually would be happy to see the true strength come alive and a real love flourish and birth in strength. When it comes to rock bottoms, the reality of a beautiful life and future can really spark alive. Sadly sometimes the other may not have what it takes, and as it usually results is because they actually are not in Christ and have allowed the enemy to get their hearts in the game.

So as I have witnessed my own bad and confessed with accountability to him and the person I affected and asked for forgiveness and seen Jesus keep me going for some reason in things. Eventually he even sets you free with showing you that not always are you just the bad person. That this person can reveal to you dark secrets and ambitions that if in my case if I left, I would have felt terrible for the rest of my life, that I was just a bad person to a very great person.

Here is the lesson and wisdom that came to me as expressing a point and getting through a person I do love about who God is... As I am judged by her for excuses or reasons, when I can see an absolutely beautiful life we can live in this world through a family of our children combined, I was able to see how God is perfect in his love. How he is the perfect example again from Jesus's death on the cross and his forgiveness and unlimited love and gift to eternal life... Could judge us and say, the hell with you, when you did this, when you did that...

As I was able to express God doesn't do that do us and we deserve to be treated with that judgment, but gives us love instead and wants us to live a beautiful life of eternity with him...

So when it comes to love... It doesn't matter what the other did... It matters how much they love God, Jesus, confess they made mistakes, say the beauty they want to live, in the name of Jesus. We all deserve to be judged to be casted away... God has the right... We don't... But we have the same gift of salvation and eternal beauty we can live that Jesus gives us to share with one another and the resurrecting power of life we can live and conquer all resistances in life, where we will have the true happiness and beauty and glorification of God.

I told her... In 5 years when we are holding hands on the beach, and the kids are running playing, nothing today that we faced as problems or who may be in our lives will matter. It won't even exists and our real friends will truly be happy for us and love us.

We have the gift of truth and that is all it takes. Because the real problem is denial and hiding from a fear of what people will think, rather than living for the beauty and what God can glorify and bless. I told her, just tell the truth about me. My love, my mistakes (Not that in ways we both are not in a form of mistakes, but I am willing to have my self accountable for my actions to her friends) and the reason and my purpose, my purpose and love for us... that is the holy spirit and all that is needed to justify and be blessed to move towards glory.

When you realize it... Our faults, short comings, our lack of righteous reasoning, is a realization on the perfection of God and Jesus Christ, and why he is the lamb for us and will come back to correct this wrong world. It always comes back to Christ dying on the cross for us, our lack of everything, humility and so on.

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