Why the World is the Way it is Today

Adam and Eve

The topic about Adam and Eve is it Real a Perfect World with God? is one that begins with the idea God created all things perfect to begin with.

Continuing with this topic is to understand God is Righteous, Just, Holy and only can be. God can't lie to him self. That would be ridiculous because there is no reason he is everything and is all things. If he did lie, he would no be God and would not have the power of Glory he does, or neither would Jesus.

Obviously it is hard for any of us in this time to understand Adam and Eve and if we can't have faith in anything then that is the darkness that will blind us from ever having faith in God. This is a test its self. As our faith builds you will be tested on your faith to stay strong and believe in God.

Just in case the story of Adam and Eve is unfamiliar to you a brief cap is Adam was the first man God created as a servant to the earth. God was intact with him. God gave him a partner named Eve. She betrayed the command of God by eating from the forbidden tree and Adam defended her. Because both of them didn't confess their SIN or asked for Gods forgiveness sending the command of blame down the tree, SIN was introduced and the separation from God had to happen.

If this is hard to understand, just know it had to happen because the world was no longer perfect and God being 100% pure and holy cannot be in the presence of SIN or a better way to put this SIN cannot be in the presence of GOD. That is why the world is the way it is today in a nut shell.

Why Are We So Blind By SIN

When SIN first came into the earth God was still a known entity. Actually through the Old Testament the works of God was whiteness by him taking actions on earth and appearing to various Prophets. As you can imagine God would have been something Adam and Eve believed in 100% regardless of the SIN that was brought into the world by them.

Sin at this time was minimal and likely they learned a huge lesson from it being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Cain and Abel their Sons was the first act of a major Sin caused by jealousy. Cain killed Abel as Cain was more industrious minded and Abel was more Shepard like minded and God praised Abel and Not Cain.

The things that make up Sin are the exact things that are Satan. What happened when Adam and Eve broke Gods trust and didn't ask for redemption was set Satan in motion with a domino effect that never stopped throughout time.

We can all agree to this how we see that the world is severely wrong today, but we have an incredible time understanding why and not understanding how believe in the story of Adam and Eve and build faith that God is real, and these things we block out of God are real.

We are blinded by Sin because of our ever grown nature in the culture that is ever grown. But there is an end time.

As we can compare the time of Adam and Eve and How God would have been a presence that lasted for a while until Sin blinded people from it, Jesus Christ is in a similar way much like this. He was prophesied in the Old Testament without being named. He came, fulfilled the prophecy, as well his word that he will die by the hands of his people and rise on the third day, forgave us and the Gospel was started and we entered the New Testament Law. This is where the world became paused so to speak until the end times arrive and our faith in God and Jesus christ as our Lord Saviour and redeemer of Sins is where our faith can lead us to God and his presence of the Holy Spirit in us. 

As you can imagine the world today, there is a huge amount of resistance towards Jesus for what he did for us. All kinds of views, all kind of rejection, all SIN that we live today is why we reject Jesus today. (When I say these things "we" it is on various levels. Some do more than others) As we understand our own pain and what causes it, if we understand what Jesus went through, he suffered our pain directly in his time. As you come to God and Jesus and things click, it will become apparent why the world is the way is why it makes sense and why you will see Satan in it all when Sin plays out.

So what is the solution to all this? before I ever was a belier or knew God, I always said to people who would never actually agree wth me and look at me cocked eye, it would take God to ever correct this world, and that man would never do it our selves. Read the revelation and Gods plan from the bible!

After Jesus died cross, rose and went off to heaven, citizens all over the nations were becoming Christian believers from the event and the apostles spreading and teaching the Gospel. As this time it was fresh, real and people understood this. That is what makes this have accountability. The Apostles were threatened constantly and accused as well prosecuted for this. Christians to this day are prosecuted or murdered in some countries.

I have to think if something that is the good righteous and about God causes Christians to be constantly persecuted and in some countries murdered, that makes the fact that it is all the more real that Jesus is real and the Holy Bible is real, when considering how to align your beliefs to what you want to follow.

As time goes on, the here we are in the world we are in today, where things are becoming worse by money, power, greed and wealth forming the narcissistic characteristics of us all some more than others which is the Sin that Satan uses to further blind us from the truth as we align and build our lives on how others view us and how we fit in with the general lives we all live. Becoming a true believer and Christian is like watching the world crack underneath your feet and seeing all your friends disappear from your life.

But in the end, is that so bad if you are apart of the ones who are standing in Gods Kingdom? In order to make it through to his kingdom is to suffer in this life and more so by being a believer. This life is temporary, Gods glory is eternal. What do you want to go by: YOLO or YODO (You Only Die Once)

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