Why Believe in Jesus When So Many Don't, What is a True Christian?

The biggest issue people have is not knowing why the world is the way it is and how to understand who or what God is and even to the fact who Jesus really is and what he has done for us. (Article)

This confusion and lack of knowledge with a lack of care grows so they can feel comfortable in their SIN's. This is causing a domino effect for others to follow and say, why should I care?

There are a lot of people with anger and hate or turn their back on God and sadly are unaware of the true circumstances they are creating for them selves and where God's grace and power is. (Once you know God you gain a perspective of knowing your true loving self and why you would be like God if you could based on this world of condemnation and your love for it the people)

Another problem is many churches and pastors teach in a way that is soothing and not teaching the hard truth of the scriptures. The truth is hard to take and being saved is hard to understand when looking at the world and thinking that those who are not saved are facing potentially eternal hell.

I will admit I had a huge epiphany with this topic, especially looking at many good people and even people living in ruined lives, like going to the bars and having a great time, singing karaoke, dressing provocatively and so forth, because they don't know how to live in the perfect righteous world.

My heart was I cannot do this to them. I can't see them all dammed and condemned for living their daily lives in a general way enjoying life at what level they live it at because of this world. Now I have said to my fiance, I do think they should seek God and the truth, and some will in time or someone like me may influence them at some point with answers to questions, as one couple said, "you guys look so happy." (That was an opportunity to support our faith in God and the fact it is not always butterflies and rainbows.)

Christianity is all about being saved and born again. (Article) The problem with the saying "I am Christian," is there is so many that say this and do not follow the lord. Some don't give their lives over to Jesus or read the bible nor do they go to church to receive the teaching and revelations. This is needed to grow in faith and truly follow Jesus as lord and stay true by sticking to it to the end of time.

As I was receiving the revelation from my church that next day Sunday a day later, I was having a hard time knowing where to sit with it, as our pastor is very hard to the truth about God and happened to hammer on the being saved and born again topic, right on que with my epiphanies. God is incredible with his works again!

The next day I still couldn't come to terms as my love for broken people was not how I seen God and Jesus sending them to eternal hell. I was almost at a point not knowing how to continue in this believe. I was like if they have 1 drop of love for me, my love for them is all that is needed. Out of all the dispair, hate, anger, pain misery towards me, if they had one ounce of love for me, thats all that is needed and I would wash them clean.

Now this is an important thing to remember that these people may have very hardened and some I know have very hardened hearts. Only God and the holy spirit in some cases may be their only hope and praying for them to receive the light and change.

The problem with this is a hardened heart likely will only and grow as life tramples on them and reject God, his love, grace and salvation, completely out of hate... That is the ultimate SIN. That hit me and made sense to me very much as I realized this putting my self in Jesus place as he already took our burdens in this life on the cross. (A verification of truth Jesus is Lord and what he has done for is based on what he will do )for us when we die with our SIN's) Jesus loves us all for this pain we suffer, and will cure us of it.

Love is the cure and if you can love your enemy and broken people who may transgress that energy to you, that is the path to righteousness, but you can't do it without putting your faith in Jesus as Lord. He lived a perfect sinless life and died in our place trading us his righteousness for our sinful lives.
I realized one thing Pastor Jeff said. You don't want to face Jesus at death and have a conversation then to address life concerns with him, it could be a very ugly conversation. This is where the saving (grace) really made sense and why being saved and following Jesus is what being a Christian does and why loose Christian's are not necessarily true believers or are they saved.

Now as I perceived my problem in how to look at so many people that are great average people potentially going to eternal hell hard to believe. There is a real truth that no is trying to set them on the right course. That is the hard truth and by not doing so, many Christians could be facing eternal hell, by eventually turning away from Jesus and losing faith for this world of SIN.

If as Christians we are not following Gods will but say I am a Christian I go to church, but it is okay, God forgives us, we are not living the life Jesus says to live in his commands that the bible states. This is why churches that ignore the hard truth and lead a loose way and allow people to feel okay about going about their lives and live the life they want, just come to church are potentially sending a lot of people on the path to hell. Because they will enact on that believe and build on a lifestyle based on that believe, until they cherish the worldly life and put the Godly life on the back burner and submit to those who live that example of a life and wash it away as its okay, I have God in my heart or eventually become hard in the heart from life traumas and ultimately reject God.

In Closing

The fact of the matter is you may ignore God in this life until you reach judgment day... And you may be lucky God loves you that 1 ounce you gave him. (God bless his mercy) But what if he sees something in disgust and says, he never knew you, now go away from me, be gone, you never believed in me. The truth of the matter is to SIN... is to SIN against God, and if you call your self a Christian doing so it is even a worse thing to do. Even worse is to give your life to Jesus as Lord and then SIN, this is a disgrace (Not grace to God) It is a disgust a blasemphem to him.

The moral of the story is, if you call your self a Christian and then say I want God but I want to live my life by my own terms, you are rejecting God and his will. You may still have Jesus and so forth, but you are not living the Christian life and being an example of changing lives around you for the better. So in terms you are no different or set apart from the rest.

That is what being a Christian is, to help others change towards a better life and follow Jesus commands and Gods will. If you live a Christian life against his will far and long enough, that could be the difference of where God says, I do not know you, he may say, "Be gone, depart from me" Not a hard concept in life to understand right. You hurt one person slightly and they act like this and some never forgive.

So take Jesus forgiveness, grace, love and mercy with you and spread Gods wealth to others by turning to Jesus, going to Church and embracing the Will of God, and rejoice, give mercy and love back to God, by saying hallelujah (Thank you) Lord. That will help soften a hardened heart a bit. Pease give it a thought and then try it out and you know what... stick to it. Your life will change in amazing ways for the better and it's worth it.

If you have given your life to Jesus and Love him, acknowledge he has done the mercy of taking your SINs and burdens at the cost of his life for you in this life and will strip all your pain, hurt, suffering, misery, anger etc upon death to an eternal life with him of pure bliss. Why wait to do that wondering to see up on high what will happen, if there is anything to this and think I will continue down the dark road until then. Do you really want to do that?

THE LEAST WE CAN DO is give our lives up for him and his commands and Gods will to receive what? Everything?

Pastor Jeff Says in closing as a way of his quote, "There is nothing that can even come close to comparing the trade of giving up anything of your life for Jesus." "To say giving up anything, can't even be a correct or considerable measure..." He embraced it longer and even better.

A final word of mine: In my heart and love for the struggle about how I seen the world and being saved trying to see it from how I love the broken and lost and how it hurts me. It is correct to feel and see the world that way. I am correct to think Jesus has mercy on souls, but the key in this is why wait until then and find out. Not everyone is going to be good enough and may turn towards a hardened hart. The key is make the difference where you can and counts when you see the broken, the hurt, the angry, the pain. Show them the mercy and love, even if they reject you and hate you for now. Take the pain and return love, and provide them a little glimmer of light or hope if you can make a difference to embrace the love and mercy of God and his will through your heart by caring. It can make all the difference to them in the world.

That is where the reality strikes of wanting to be a good Christian and example and spread Gods love and grace to others and influence them by example and help truly. Change peoples hearts towards God and following Jesus and be a testimony of that when people say to my wife and I, you look so happy! What is that doing that?

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