Why Jesus is Lord

This topic can make sense or not depending on your understanding of the truth and where you are with it, and your level of knowledge / devotion or lack of devotion to the truth of Jesus. (This might be something to direct your self on)

Until you truly can pair your self up to this level of existence and how Jesus was born, lived, and found him self to be the son of God, and how his resurrection is proof of this, then Jesus being lord means virtually nothing in essence and neither does reason and purpose.

Understanding that we are here, on an earth and in a vast universe is enough to understand that "existence / life" is real. We are real with a moral conscious and a soul. So what would ever give us the inclination to think that God is not...

The problem we are faced with is how we live in a world of wrong, hurt, pain, suffering, injustice, money, power, wealth, greed, ego, reputation, narcissism and the list goes on. However, there is the opposite that exists and that is where Gods glory can be attained.

The wrong is all built over time from our separation from God as we took this world in our hands and decided we will make up the rules and do as we wish. It is the law of Sin. God is the highest power, the creator, and thus in control of this place and as a result has the ability to bless us as he is in control of everything. That is something to continue to ponder as you come closer to the reality of God and who he is. If he created everything, what makes us think we don't need him to do anything?

Remember he knows everything and is eternal and already knows the end before the beginning, in all circumstances. If you wished you could have said this instead of that and went down a slightly different path, God knows the answer to that and where it would lead you, if you did this or that or this or that... and the irony is he created this world to master your life, and when you come to him, you will see how he is the master and he is in control and he has been there in your life the whole time waiting patiently for you, if you open your eyes and mind enough to realize the things that start to become evident are more than just coincidence.

Now in the imperfect state we are in, we would honestly want a plan from God, if we truly admitted it. The problem with this world is  this world blinds many of us from wanting to accept there is a plan and keeps us in Sin rejecting God. Because of Sin we tend to want our sinful ways over recognizing the glory of how God frees us from Sin and the answer of what happens to us after we Die.

This world is growing in power with Sin that is blinding this world as the Gospel becomes Taboo to our society and governments. We are facing a growing destructive force that is having people now finding hope but in lies, or not knowing how to believe there is anything after this or there is a God and many people will create false truths (living in a lie/denial) to believe and justify it. This is completely against Gods will. That is the consequences of Sin: Death in mind, body and spirit.

As I tap back on that in reality if there were no God we all would be furious about that, and that God deserted us and he is this uncaring back turning, sell out. Well we know he is not!... Or do you disagree?

If you actually think about it, you can't say God is not real or he doesn't care, because it is not possible for that to be God or love and you would say, I would not be like that. I would be like this... You just proved it, if you ever thought that way. And no you are not even close to the highest power and only to be the highest power you would have to be perfect in all ways in that way. That is what God is! All that and more, because he is eternal and we live in the confines of the flesh and death on this earth currently. But there is hope! Just wait.

This is why God being perfect, sent the one who observes and obeys the father as the Son to the earth, born in virginity. Because Jesus was born from virginity, this makes him not born in Sin. We are born in Sin because our genealogy is born in Sin, from day 1 as we broke Gods trust.

This is why Jesus was a different person and seen the world from a perspective of love, grace, truth and guidance and did so by observing and following the father in complete obedience. He was one of us! A human, but directly delivered from the kingdom of God.

Jesus is Gods plan for us, delivering the perfect obedient solder, servant to show by his teachings, his miracles and how he lived his life and was able to do what he had done by not falling to temptation and remaining obedient and faithful to the father.

When we put our selves in his shoes and try and understand we could try and turn our lives around to be more like him, that this is the first understanding, this was Gods intentions for us from day 1! We can understand that is the righteous way God would have shown us is by the fact he loves us as the creation in his image and sending, in his image, the Son.

Why would Jesus die for us on the cross?

Because he was following Gods will. Gods will was for his Son to pay the price for all the price we should pay for our wrongs.

Now that is harsh and I have heard many objections. "I would die for my family but not for my enemies." (This is a devout Christian) I said that is what makes God, GOD and not us. I also said I would die for the world for God and for life to exist. Most people forget when they say they don't believe in God, is in order for us to exists, you have to exist for everyone to exist, and Jesus had to die for you too.

We are all going to be judged individually, not compared how better you are than someone else, otherwise that would be very pointless for Jesus dying for us to begin with. (This is why also Jesus didn't care about his reputation and who he cared about, he cared about all of us as we were all his family) Oh damn, I bet you would be a little fearful of that, "well I am better than this person..."

Well is there some one better than you, better than them... Now is the purpose of Jesus being Lord starting to come to sense and purpose why he died for our Sins... Why he will be Lord and ruler, saviour and our king of all kings? Who would you want it to be? It could be Satan and that is the other side of the equation you can go... Likely something that will want you to suffer eternally for their glory, and this place will be were God doesn't exists. Jesus will destroy Satan! And, life with him, will be without Satan.

So as this takes a lot of explaining away now by just writing this example you, I hope you will begin to see why Jesus is the saviour. And why we need to have a saviour from this damed world - otherwise our sins would be deserving of eternal hell or permanent separation from God.

The father demands perfection! One has to think, in order for us to be here with good and evil, and that we all blew it a long time ago for perfection, that there must be a reason, a purpose and a way to be with him. Yes there is and that is his plan.

Jesus will be lord, king and yes God as you open your mind and explore these types of ponders. I don't have to keep diving into more examples this did justice enough as everything in this world comes down to the fact this perfect human being is the reason why we have salvation.

Because this is Gods ultimate love for us and that he has always been there and that he would not create the universe and allow us to live and fall (Free Will) without paying the price him self for it ultimately. Can you be a better God? Um no, you can't just let us all come to heaven free of charge and us pay the price of a falling world. You can't just make us love you without choice? But then you ask, why would you put us through that and you (God) don't have no pay to endure for it?

Yes Jesus endures every pain this world goes through and that you personally live through and feel. Now you can't say God didn't pay the cost, the price the burden and the pain for our sins. He did it and didn't have to. It is a free gift, the love of God, the salvation, truth and grace that God is a real loving entity.

So thank you Jesus, thank you God.

So in all the things we would not do for someone else, but who we care for, Jesus did it all for us because he loves us all and guess what??? We are his enemies. Any Sin you commit is a Sin against God. You may not think so but God created everything and is in control and owns everything, even you, but you can reject him and thus be freed of his kingdom! No you don't want to commit the ultimate sin by rejecting Jesus.

He even has you marked with a seal. But until you come to him, ask him to be in your life and forgive you and say you want him to help you be the person he wants you to be, based on his will, then he leaves you to be... and he can take you out if he wants, or if he sees the heart in you, set you on a course, that may be a hard one, that will bring you to come to him.

Why would Jesus be lord?

Jesus loves all of us, his enemies and that we are also his family and didn't desert us or leave us to parish. He died on the cross for claiming to be the Son, the one of God. He lived a perfect life, and asked the farther to forgive us "as we do not know what we do." Upon the death on the cross. When he took upon him all our, SINs and paid for them as his own, while being accused wrongly hated, battered and bashed, being put tp guilt for us all wrongly, he became separated from the father for the first time. That is because no one can be with the father who is in SIN. That is why we are all separated from the kingdom of God, currently. The kingdom of God cannot be in the presence of SIN.

Now imagine that pain Jesus felt. Have you ever been accused wrongly / falsely by someone? Someone who didn't want to admit they were wrong and wanted you to bear the price, and then put you to shame? You may have had a minor experience with this or something that was very emotionally compelling and felt very wrong. This is the pain, the price and cost that Jesus took for all of us.

Now the difference here is huge in what makes him Lord, King, Saviour and God. He was Sinless and never deserved any of this, born in virginity. So when you have been wronged, remember we were already born in Sin... As Sinners thats what we did to Jesus, but as Sinners we can appreciate it now, when we put our experience in his place. The fact is we can probably say we have caused this to someone, or someone else in our past, I would gander a guess. (Teenager days???) So Whether it happened to us, whether we caused an action or not to be treated or persecuted or prosecuted wrongly in guilt, remember Jesus forgave us all.

Now the difference is once you place your faith and life into Jesus, inviting him to be in your life and begin following him and change to be more like him, he will never leave you. Because he is the one who already paid for our Sins and have judged you accordingly. This is why he is the way and only the way to have a relationship with the father and to eternal life.

So when Jesus was separated from the father, he will not do that to us for those who believe in him. But understand, he knows the feeling of what it is like for all of our pains, and wrongs that separated us righteously from the father and the kingdom and more than you could ever imagine. Is this all making some clear sense, we are bought at a price by God.

So the one question I ask you is... Who would you give everything you own to? Your kids right. Well, who do you think God gives everything to? All authority, all control and master of this universe to? Yes that is right, Jesus. He paid the price for us all, and that is why he will be Lord.

Makes sense?!! I hope so! Because that is the hope, the faith and that is the love of God, our father. If you want eternal life with God, it's Jesus that you must seek as he is Lord and King over us, our ruler and is God because of that.

By giving your life to Jesus and having faith in him, you will likely come to realize why Christians are not crazy and why we love God so much, aka our Lord, Jesus. Why we are in debt to him. Why it is natural to praise him, love him, and bless him by turning towards him more and more and more in life, until we are living as good as we can according to his will and commands. Thats love. Thats why we cry and weep. The glory and love of him.

As a conclusion topic, Jesus as he said, is the Way, the Life, and the Truth! The Way, because he is the way to the Father. No one can come to the father except through him. If you can see why that makes sense, it is for he is the one who dies on all our behalf, by living a perfect life.

Where he proves he is the Way, the Life, the Truth (As you would think if we all exist as humans, there has to be that...) He rose from the dead on the third day, and was traveling the land 40 days, proving his resurrection from the father, until he ascended into heaven. This is why he proves eternal life exists and nothing can destroy eternal life, that is of lower power. He is the the highest of highest, he is of the highest authority, and power granted by the father. He is the trinity of God. Seek his forgiveness and life and you are judged and forgiving when you truly ask him to forgive you and want him in your life and a radical change begins to happen.

It is not easy, or does everything become perfect, but the change happens and continues to strengthen. It is your choice how strong in this, you take it!

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