Why We Need God (We Are Not God)

As I come across many conversations in life, one of the biggest questions is... Why all hurt, why all the pain, why all the bad. Or in some cases I watch egos fall (including my self I have been hugely humbled as described in my personal revelation of how I came to God)

This pain and fall we feel and experience throughout our lives just gives us a glimpse that we are far from being God and in essence is the start to understand why we need him.

As you explore faith building topics and understand that God is only perfect, the highest power and ultimately righteous, he is the one who can help us if we seek him and pray and ask for help and provision,, especially to become more like him (Jesus)

The problem with this world is many of us chose to not seek the truth and want to blame God for the problems of this world or reasons thereof that happen to us. In essence some of us try and convince our selves, that they do not believe there is a God. But this is pure blatant ignorance and a way to not face the life they chose to live, which is a life with sin. (Once you know God and the consequences of sin and the true roll of the enemy, you will gain a respect to want to change your life towards Gods will.)

If you laugh and scoff at this be careful! Because, if you chose to live a life with as little sin and righteousness as you could, you would only come to a conclusion that there is a God. Because you are still not perfect your self and would look to the power that is to guide you more like it all the time.

Eventually you may come to the conclusion the universe just may be created by a power much greater than your self, because you did not create the universe and if there is something that is in control of it, then we have access to that power or even align our self towards it to experience a better life. Is that not something to be thankful for?! But what could you experience, if you seek the power and ask for it to help your life by giving your life over to God and Jesus. Blind faith? Well I guess that is to be determined right!

Two things are hugely powerful here. The universe exists and all things work in order to allow life to exist. We exist and we have a life and soul, that is observing the universe. Is that a purpose?! The universe would be pointless otherwise! Was that a pure accident that happened by no reason? Or is there a reason for everything? Those are important questions to ask your self and answer to your self.

If you believe this is all by no purpose and no reason, then we exist for nothing and have no purpose. What would be the point of being good? Well what is the point of being bad? What is the purpose of right? What is the reason there is wrong? Why did Jesus die to save us from anything at all if there is no eternity... What eternity? That is a hard one to say doesn't exist now!! Eternity is what??? Well I think maybe God! (Perhaps there is a hell (Eternity without God) for those who chose not to believe and turn their backs on God and his gift? What a choice to make...)

God has to be something that adds up to all righteousness and there is absolute observance that there is wrong as well and that this world is headed inevitably to hell, from the things that are not of Gods will.

So we can observe these truths! God would have made all things perfect to begin with and he would have not done this without a purpose and a plan for us and a way to rescue us from this condemnation we live in by OUR FAULTS not His! He already knows everything. It is our choice to change and bring Jesus in our lives and turn away from the Sins we live that cause us problems or our friends or others we witness around us as the gift from God by the sacrifice of Jesus salvation.

Yes it is hard to face the truth isn't it. We are here and God demands if it was just the father and no Jesus... perfection we would all fail at miserably at. Thank you Jesus! The problem we see everyday in the things that are wrong is we chose to not live in Gods will and live according to our own faulty ways. Plain truth. Simply put, God would be just to send us all to hell if he chose, but that is not who God is. He is by far more loving than that and that is where we generally as a stereo typed society think there is no God or blame him for not being just and allowing this, saying what kind of God would allow this? Well it would mean you would not exist then and that would be without Jesus (Son of God aka God in the Flesh) Be super thankful!

He allowed us to exist and when you look at us humans ask your self? How many of us are so graceful in perfect justice, loving and forgiving to not see people to pay without a way for salvation or forgiveness. As it is many people think this God is bad because he provides that forgiveness, because they have so much hate in their heart and carry that burden that our God forgives and provides salvation... Wow what kind of people are we again? Right!!! The ones God forgives for that! He doesn't pick and chose who qualifies. But as humans we all have different reasons why we forgive our family or wish salvation for them to one day be freed from the hell they are in and have done to one day what??? Turn to God and Jesus and his salvation to be saved and turn to be the person they were meant to be, even if they lived a terrible life.

Jesus wants us all to learn how to lift off our hearts this revengeful grudge-full and hateful burden we can carry and apply to others. He wants to free us of this and understand how LOVE and discernment is the way to help more than hate, that is who Jesus is, LOVE and true guidance by the grace of God. It wouldn't serve Jesus any good to want to see us all pay, but it serves God for him to show us how to be obedient to Gods will and change our hearts for him. (We generally thrive on others getting hurt and provoke it in many ways in many forms or variations or take part in it, it happens everywhere in subtle or in major ways all the time.)

So why do we need God?

Because he is perfect, all known, the creator of the universe and knows our lives and knows all of us in and out and can be the answer to our problems, if we turn away from our sins and start building our faith in God and the Son Jesus. He is the power and in control of the universe, and is accessible by true desire to seek him through goodness and prayer.

This is my take and final sign off... If you think you don't need God, the one who is in control of everything and has created all things and gave you life, you are seriously fooling your self.

On a softer note, because I love you and care and wouldn't want to push you towards thinking you don't need God or challenge that... What is the harm in loving something that is of the most highest power and wants to love you and see you at your pure happiness and best.

P.S. Just remember be humble he answers when you least expect it and expect nothing from him in terms, typically when you come to your last straw! Always be thankful for that beautiful power that gave us all life and a way to free us from this condemned world!

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