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Cameron's Testimony, New Testament of My Life! (After I Gave My Life To God / Jesus)

If there was one thing I could ever do in life before passing on is I could at least show respect towards God and read the bible. Even, if I thought maybe... it may not be true or real.

I Was Seeing My Hospital Incident As A Purpose God Had For Me

It was becoming apparent that ending up in the hospital had many significances. If I didn't end up moving to Vancouver, it was very potential many bad things would have came my way soon. I lived in the hood and most of the people I knew I stayed away from but were starting to creep into my life. My friend I knew asked if I could help a couple friends of his, one living in his camper looking for work, he was a good person so I felt the need to help.

I was 6 months from selling my home and said okay, I told the two the plan I was selling the home and to be looking for a place ASAP. Oh my goodness, they took advantage of it completely and did nothing to find a place and the one fellow who I thought would be the most respectful had a real attitude and disregard for respect.

It came down to the point I wasn't sure how I was going to maybe get the one guy out. I was questioning the aspect, maybe if this is what is happening it is what God wants. It was something that kinda rang a bell with me but never knew how to listen to that intuition or knowledge then.

If I did end up not getting these guys out and couldn't sell the house, then... The irony of this is described in the next topic.

It came to a bad fallen out with this one guy and we went our separate ways. (Off to Vancouver I was going, he moved out and the house was sold)

I took my money and invested it in a company that a friend was very highly invested in for about 3 years. I was looking long term around 7 years to invest with it, if I had it in there I could be close to buying a house and I had a small portion that was to provide quarterly payments as Vancouver's real estate is really expensive.

A Business I Was Doing

Well Ace Global Wealth became what it was a financial goal to help others become financial prosperous by representing opportunities that were scouted, researched, tested by investment and then recommended.

It all started out by a few links and no business model and soon the issues gave it purpose to become a true business model for these opportunities to see if any were legit.

I was getting really good at detecting scam sites, even if they were well crafted and supported by a bunch of king pins in the forums and foundations of the structure. It was baffling after how crafty some scams became. I also realized many people don't even do research and will defend the platform like it is impossible to be a scam. Anyways I would be the whistle blower to the members on these sights and write about it in my newsletter.

In the end the scams became so well crafted, that even I couldn't know for sure and even in cases central US banks for that matter were partners with the one my buddy was invested in that finally helped me see how flawed of a business model I have.

The flaw wasn't trying to help people or that I cared, it was that everything was a scam in the end and nothing in the end was legit. More about this further on.

My Goal With the Church (We Don't Have One)

In the beginning after coming out of the hospital and entering my church journey, I had no idea my business that I was doing was heading towards disaster. As I learned we had no actual physical church location of our own, and had to church hop, now and again. I wanted to help in a significant way to contribute to buying a church if I grew my business success to earn more and more income.

Losing My Money to A Scam

Here I was out of the hospital and back on my feet and began to take the kids to church, while learning I am off work for a year. I also learnt that an investment I put my house money in was invested in a US Ponzi scheme. My friend lost a lot obviously and ironically he ended up in the hospital with throat cancer. Just off how God puts people with greedy intentions in situations to humble them... and let us know all we need is GOD!!

Literally 2 weeks after I got out of the hospital and like 2 church sessions, the SEC got ahold of this company and seized all assets. (There is hope for some of it back in that as our funds are in receivership)

In closing it was clever, they had all the branding, real open door office in Las Vegas, were hiring real customer support and had the main reps who were promoting this under their own name, fooled that all the systems were real and all the partnerships with the central banks was acting as they planned. (They were definitely making sure their end was being handled).

It was so blinding they even had a partnership with HSBC endorsing their product as a part of their service.

When this scam happened I gave up on the model to help others avoid scams as in the end I couldn't even avoid them they were so deceitful. So I converted Ace Global Wealth to promote regulated financial global leveraged trading accounts and real trading products and a news letter to build an empire of a potential website for Meta Trader. It was real, regulated and legit, and that was the main key purpose!

At this point when I completed this significant model, was when I started to see Gods will and that my business as big as I seen it globally become, was not Gods will. This was when I was starting to understand what God was slightly and what was wrong with our world and what was wrong with what I was doing and why. I realized I was creating further separation for people from God with this goal, and fuelling an ever more growing evil world as I was focusing people on the aspect of money, wealth and greed... Which even though it was pure good initiative, had the grounds to become power and greed, which was the platform for control... This is what the world actually is and how it is going to the end times. It all started with good intentions, but we took in for our selves in vain.

What I am saying in my disastrous Testimony is victorious and you will see it over time why, and as you learn about God's will what the Holy Bible is and is plan, and as you learn who God is and his Character and why our world is headed into dyer disaster in the end... There is one solution to this!

This is embarrassing to say, but humility is taking it humbly and learning from it. God is exactly what these trials are about, if you are open to understanding why trusting in God and having faith in him will reveal him and his blessings.

It is actually amazing to see how Satan works in this life when you understand how it crucified Jesus. (The lie, deceit, selfishness, the open gate to let sin enter, the accuser and how people can allow this to ruin their lives and even keep this cycle going from a long history in their past to repeat the story into their future, opening new avenues for damage to continue instead of put it in the past and leave it there and move on learning to better things.)

Our Church without An Official Church Home

As I write this to this day we do not have our own church and we have been on a tour so to speak using different churches. We were back and forth between 2 churches and then had a place in the 2nd church finishing the year and secured a year in a Christian school gym.

My faith began to grow in the 2nd church as I started to point my life more to Jesus and God and realize to give my life to God as 100% faith and Trust in him, blindly. I had no idea the power of God at this point, compared to how I understand and can articulate it today. I figured if I was to live this life and die, the best thing I could do is give him blind trust and faith and open my heart in faith to him, and try and follow in his will (Easier said then done at all costs and takes time and the more you see why... the more you give your self to his will!)

At this point I said to my pastor, the only thing that could make me lose faith is you, and I said that in my belief in that wouldn't ever happen. The irony is the enemy is working in the background all the time and will take every opportunity possible to turn us against each other, and as a goal to turn us against Jesus if possible. That is the enemies goal. So I was greatly tested in that faith, and I knew I had to stay strong in my self and who I am with God and not turn my back and know I will come through this on the other side. (Faith in God and your Self, but don't forget who you have faith in as #1... Yes God! He makes you or breaks you!)

I never knew how this really worked until I seen how I was struggling at times to not want to turn my back and run away to my old life to feel "Normal again." I was losing friends all over the place, woman ran away from me when ever I mentioned any faith towards God and Jesus. I wanted to shut up about it and never mention it again and it is a constant spiritual challenge and test. This last statement is speaking from a year later knowledge point of understanding. The goal here is to stay strong, stronger than ever and don't turn away...

But I knew that was not what I wanted and was not right to shut God out and if this is what the world wanted to do to me for it, that already I realized my love for God and that I would die alone and isolated in the world for my love towards God, Christ and Jesus.

Having faith in God was my ultimate qualifier to want to find a woman worthy of a relationship as previous relationships were not at all focused or centred with God intact. This still can be a challenge and the more faith one has in God the more likely a good relationship will flourish and conquer challenges and prevent SIN from over taking a situation as a form of protection for each other.

The thing learned that is super strong and not be ignorant about where I am at today (A year later) is SIN always has consequences. It has to ultimately and it can be the smallest of things, that may be thought of as no big deal... The result of a small thing that may not be a big deal can be death! To understand this now is amazing in how God's will, perfectness, and holiness is why time allows us as sinners to follow him if we open our hardened hearts to him and let the light lead us.

As I realized Gods will and the how Ace Global Wealth was a model towards separating people from Gods will, I made the decision to tear it down and that was when I put up the front page for Ace Global Wealth towards God, it was designed and complete with a total financial mastery and product. It was a hard decision, I actually was amazed I was able to do that and rip apart a business model that had a very successful potential as a global machine. I also started to reflect what is going to fuel the Anti Christ in the days of tribulation. I wanted nothing to do with that my self at all and I was able to see the wrong in the world from how day 1 started the domino effect that this is inevitable to come.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Matthew 16:26 | Mark 8:36

The irony to this was once I converted this business over to discovering God, the next day I received a call from CN saying I had a year off from an assessment. I was like ahh wow. In one way I was happy for the time off and thanked God, but was also devastated the news of what I had to go through to get back. But ultimately, I was thankful for the time I never otherwise would have off and time to do all the stuff I wanted as dismantling my business freed all the chains around my soul from the continuous never ending tasks, that have taken away my life all these years.

To Conclude

It is not easy and challenging, as I studied and learned what the world is about and other religions I was able to see more clearly the reason for the tribulation and what the book of revelation actually is and what the truth in life is and situations all around me are, where many people live in blindness, choose sin and don't understand why, things happen for what reason. I was there too. Now I see why I am battled constantly and why God tests us and see if we can remain on course. He is the glory if we trust in him. He will bring us to where we truly want to be and things happen that are not always in our perfect vision. But there is a silver lining in it all.

The best part is to have that constant love to give to God and to see how things work and why. To become a true christian is to fully believe and follow in Jesus. Many say I am christian, but don't go to church. They think they have God, but don't know what being a christian is and have Sin in their lives. To see the truth amazing when you come to that level and see all the wrong in your self and correct it and love God and Jesus for all that he is. Then you start to see why the world is the way it is and why Gods plan is truly great and he is real and capable of it all.

My Facebook Post After Finishing Reading the Bible Nov 18 2022. (Took about a Year or so)

I started church June 2021. “There is a Roomer that the Book of Revelation is Hard to Understand…”
The first service back from covid I started at Gospel City Church in Coquitlam. It all was from a hardcore hospital experience and this was the first Teaching!

Well I said, the least I could do is read the bible to show God some appreciation as a minimum.
I never guessed I would have transformed into an evangelical Christian but very happy for it all and even was baptized when I felt ready.

I am now back to the Book of Revelation from reading the whole Bible front to back. And I will complete this soon as a recap of the intensive study.

God is real, his plan is real. Jesus the Son of God is real and as a true 100% believer where my spirit is always trying to be in love with Gods beauty has shown me his precision over and over and over and I am so happy to have been able to see so deep into this spirit of life and his ultimate power of this life.

He doesn’t have to create things out of thin air to answer your prayers, but can of course, however he can do it with 100% accountability and beauty being capable of it all way before you even knew what was going to happen.

His love is the love and lamb we must remind our selfs where we are at in our everyday lives, to be the lamb in our trials and hard situations that his plan for us if we follow what he is showing us will be what leads us to glory.

Life is Sacred. It is given to us by him the sacred one, and thus should be treated and honoured in that way.

Where our world is headed is a world God even had to create allowing to exist, known we would take it in vain for our selves, giving us his Son, Jesus as the salvation to the end of all our wickedness if we turn from it and honour our father and are thankful for his gift.

Yes its a true gift. Otherwise we would be destined to perish and with no God we would have no moral at all and all utter chaos would be justice. Thats the purpose of the Revelation as well as a point of moral justice and a lesson to our ignorance.

The book of revelation is about Revealing Jesus is Lord and holds all title to earth and the universe, given to him by the father as he is the obeyer as the Son to the Fathers command, being the perfect sinless example we should all be if we didn’t break the law of Sin and condemn this into a fallen world. Taking upon him self the ultimate sacrifice and forgiveness in love for us to his end. (His life, death, resurrection is the new testimony of the power of life in sinlessness is a power sin cannot kill - thats God - his love to the world and forgiving is why he is the Son sent by God obeying God and why he is the King of all Kings)

Everything happens in purpose and reason and is just because God can only be just. I see it all the time in my life as I see the circumstances in lives play out after and look back and go WOW I see exactly why… even if people may not believe… God is in control of it all… even technology and can set examples anytime in perfect order… and will give control of it to those who love and honour him.

Don’t kid your selves… we are not one of authority to say… that is not at all God or supernatural. I know better now God plays in everything and it all comes to a conclusion in the end.

The book of Revelation is irony, many things start with a resemblance of symbolic events and come back to the end to tie in the message and purpose and set the stage.

Don’t believe in fairy tales? Well God can create and accomplish the fairy tail and thats where faith and believing comes in. I handed my life over to God 100% faith and trust blindly a few months after I started just because why would I not want to give this life the chance it deserves and then remain ignorant (A very key lesson in life which will be learned by everyone) about 6 month into it I was ready and I knew I would, I handed my life to Jesus as lord and got Baptized.

Tower of Bable? Was that real??? Hmmm maybe it is a foreshadowing to the destruction and rebirth of the new Jerusalem where all economies activities will be destroyed and all glory restored from the greed of man kind and how our division will reunite as one tongue and rejoice in the fall of greed.

Life is interesting! I see so many things I am humble about to see when the conclusion comes, when I enter the kingdom of heaven, the irony the cliff hanger, the true lesson of man kinds evil, selfishness and our ability to take redemption on our terms and point the finger and blame after…

Thank you God And Jesus as my ultimate love and guidance in first command and order that I will not give this up over anything else but remain optimistic there is more to the story. Love you so much, your beauty is amazing and it is all yours! I can’t even take it just to give it back to you if I could. Thank you for your ultimate love and beauty to give us the opportunity to have it all for free and with you.

Well Jesus 2nd coming is about showing the majority that blaspheming Jesus, those who don’t believe, write false religions or just think he's just a st, is of many, and Jesus will take care of his people “The church, those who believe” when this time comes.

It's the only reason why the revelation makes sense and must happen, because its evident and can be easily agreed upon the mess of this world we are in and headed towards.

I see the moment sin was entered into the world as God had to let this happen in order to create us and defeat this with his plan, that was when satan was manifested. “Gods adversary”

He is not afraid. Never was, but Satan thinks he will win or knows it's not going to happen, but will do anything to try and hurt God and stop him from winning and the ones who believe in Jesus is his primary target.

Eternal life is real or none of this would be, but even God has to allow us to make our own choice for this and learn the hard way or he wouldn’t be a real loving God.

In the end Jesus is the Way, The Truth, The Life and the trinity human God who brings us the fallen to the father who is perfect justice by the ultimate love of Jesus who loves us in our darkness and wants to lead us to the light. Jesus is the 0 in the mathematical equation. We are the -1

Thank you God for your love, wisdom and humility and the ability to be humble, to believe, hold on to seek guidance and continually correct my imperfect faults for the better, when I can and see them and I maybe considered crazy to some. I hold on in all your name and will.

Thank you BJ and Jeff you both are amazing and have greatness in your complimenting great personality differences but equal loving qualities. It's what makes this so real. You are amazing pastors and God is amazingly always ahead in the game!

I absolutely value your teachings, knowledge and love for Jesus and all our friends and family.
Gods word is amazing especially as it wraps up towards the book of revelation and just compliments my growth and faith.


2020 - YTD Ace Global Wealth

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