What Does it Mean to Be Born Again and Why Does it Have Significance?

It All Starts with Acknowledging Life and The Existence of the Eternal God

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I am no better than anyone else in the world, I use to look at this world with the ignorant blindness to Gods existence or not knowing how to believe in it. I will say I was much more humble than some, as I acknowledged I could not say God doesn't exist out of pure ignorance. That is just foolish thinking and that will continue to keep you and lead you further into lost darkness away from Gods glory.

It is human nature to want some concrete proof God exists, but we fall short by the fact we only belief what is in front of our eyes and how our imagination is limited by that. Therefore we blind our selves with the actual proof that God does exist with all the evidence that surrounds us, an entire universe, and planet teaming with life. In some ways what more do we want for proof! It starts with faith and believing and giving your life to Jesus before this actually can be attained. Without faith, you are actually causing the direct rejection to establishing a relationship with God and experiencing his work through your life and understanding the truth to his character and plan. (Explore these Topics: Gods Character | 

Because of our blindness and an ignorance to believe that Adam and Eve would be real, that God created the universe and the world perfect as a beginning, we have to look at the fact that the world became corrupted and we enslaved our lives with Money, Power, Greed and Wealth from the betrayal of Gods trust, taking upon our hands the destiny of our lives and future without God firmly intact.

These are affirmations that one must come to and agree on within their own IQ and as one does this, faith grows and truth grows as the true path to see how God is the creator of everything. (I could branch off and write multiple articles on these topics and I likely will as I build up the content)

We can't understand what being born again means until we can understand that God is behind all this before the universe ever existed. We have to also understand that if God created the universe, he is in control of all laws that govern the universe. But he also gave us free will, which doesn't mean God can't play a blessing or a corrective consequential roll of various magnitudes if necessary.

So we have to answer the question as truthfully as possible to our selves: If the universe never existed before, and it had to be created, how or what made that happen? The universe is not eternal, but the fact that life exists suggests that something eternal exists, otherwise this would have no purpose, meaning or reason to it, and we would be saying that, nothing created this. No life, created life. That is an argument that just is ridiculous to argue over the the fact, God an eternal existence of spirit and entity created this. This is a main reason that for those who are in denial and reject the existence of God, find it hard to understand the reason of this place and what it means and why. Understanding God and his Character makes things come clear and it hits like a bolt of lightening why the Gospel becomes true and real.

I will leave you with this to ponder. Does logic exist? If logic existed in the highest form or power, would it be the law of righteousness and holiness? Could something less higher in logic take down or trump the highest of logic? Well then that logic must be eternal if it does exist and it is not on this earth where that logic is at its most highest.

Here is another thing to ponder. Does life exist? Why would God not exist if this is so, the creator of all life its self? We definitely can say we are not God or have his power, but do we have spirit? We must because we have conscious, moral, love, and all the other forms or bad things in our lives, which leads to another topic of why this is, but will also be concluded in this to why we are born again.

We can say the universe is magnificent and we sure the heck did not create it nor do we have the power to do so. That power is real though and comes from somewhere and something that is in control of it can interact within it in endless magnitude or outcomes throughout our lives. Would that not be the purpose of all this? And if you happen to be a doubter still... I have to seriously ask you. Have you giving God the glory and blessing to hand your life over to him and ask for his love, forgiveness, mercy and blessing to trust un him faithfully 100%? It doesn't happen over night, but happens all the time progressively and God reveals him self as your eyes open and tune into the presence of how orderly he does his work in life, especially as you guide your life in moral right and act in it.

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

This is where we look at our life as to end and wonder, what happens next? Those who may glide through life never caring, will likely chose to accept God as a form of passing on to the next phase.

However, we all know many of us mock God and some can be clearly headed in the wrong direction in it, which even those who are gliding likely follow in a form of protecting reputation to not be considered not cool. You know what is funny about this as I say this. I can imagine how many people feel that they were just challenged in that to want to say, that is not me, and then think, darn, I know what you are saying... That is great, because that is the strength we should lead with and not be ashamed about and that is the power that God gives us to stand for life and a future with him and that power is what saves lives from continuing down a dark road, dragging others in fear with them. It is the same mentality that if one person changes the pattern of someone getting bullied by standing up for him, others take on that attitude and it can have a viral impact of attitude.

We are in this rejection of God because of the domino effect that betraying his trust from the beginning has over centuries of time and this power that rejects God is Satan and is why everything in the world that is bad is! It is why we are so blinded from God for those that are and why it is so hard to see God is because this is the world we see and the human SIN desires we have programmed our mind to want and lust after. We make excuses for it all, but ignore the damage of it all, and in many cases blame God for the consequences of our sinful outcomes.

So think about this... If God is righteous and holy and perfect, don't you think there is going to be negative consequences for sinful actions, even if they are minute. (Considering God knows and can put your foot in your mouth without you seeing it coming!)

Saying all this we either believe we exist spiritually after death or cease to exist at all! What one do you believe? I also want to say if you believe you are spiritual and a higher power but don't want to give it to God as most spiritual people I have talked to reject God completely and want nothing to do with it, you might want to wake up a little to what spiritual means. It is to be eternal and that means the higher power is spiritual and a being like you and I and is eternal and that higher power is righteousness as an entity called GOD who is the father. The problem we have now is Jesus the Son and accepting him as Lord. Either we are just self righteous, don't think we need Jesus, or are confused by all the beliefs and religions or just don't know how to understand it or are educated with false conspiracy theories, which many want to believe to fall back to and protect their SIN. (I will wright another topic based on this)

When we are born into this world, we are born into SIN. That is a true and unarguable statement to agree with. This means we are born spiritually dead. I know! That is one we really want to say the hell I am!! But have you accepted Jesus in your life as Lord and Saviour for your SINs? Acknowledging and accepting God doesn't save you. It is a great step though and one that would likely lead you to be saved eventually. At least you accepted the light, which is a key.

The reason why being born again is so important is because we know it is true we live in SIN and if we can accept the fact that God knew before hand being eternal and GOD!!! He created us with free will that we were going to betray his trust and reject him. This separates us from his holy presence and we cursed our selves with the consequence of SIN. This may help you understand why we blinded our selves from God over time and why we can't imagine a perfect world in righteousness with God.

This is why Gods plan as even my self I was confused before asking people who said it, Gods plan? What are you talking about. Yes the plan of God sending his Son on the Cross for our redemption, paying the price of our SIN's buying us for that price. Otherwise we would technically be going to hell without that. This is what makes Jesus the title holder of the Earth and our King and Lord in the future aspect of Gods plan. Once you can see that God has a beautiful character and can only accept that as being what God is, then you understand that he does have a plan and that what all this experience in this world is to show us he has not forsaken us or left us as orphans. Why would God do that? Do you really believe that God would? Come on now! Lets get real here. Have some faith! And that is what faith is all about as it grows and opens your eyes to his power and blessing.

When we give our lives to Jesus for real being humble, in humility and in surrender, we accept him as Lord and hand our lives unto his will. When we do this God comes and lives inside us as the holy spirit and our whole lives change because of how we chose to follow in Jesus's will (As much as possible, but it should be a progressive direction as you grow and grow and grow in your faith) This is where we become spiritually alive and I will say my self, the holy spirit and the truth of it all, opens your eyes and faith explodes and always grows. That is the amazing part. It doesn't stop. I can't say it is easy. Being Christian has to be one of the hardest things in the world to be and practice in ways. The persecution alone is intense!

Why Is Being Born Again Significant?

Lets look at this to reject God in its entirety as a quick example. If you don't believe in God and reject God and have a evil will towards him, you are saying NO to the source of life. The one that gives it to you! I mean it is odd how we want to do this as we live for this horrible world and don't want to die. But with our free will, some reject God, the one we all long for and want as the life and world we want now. That is a fact is it not? I mean everyone preaches how bad the world is, they want peace, love, happiness and so on... But then when you point out God, people don't want to acknowledge that is the world they want!!! Where do you think this world is going to come from? You are not going to get it without God and if that is the world you want, them having God in it would be exactly what you would be content with!

I am sure God would perhaps give you a chance based on your level of rejection, before he casts you away. But if you have solidly rejected him in this world, you may never get the light of day in the after life to see him. He might just say, you casted me away, you rejected me completely and I have nothing to show you. He may not make an attempt to save your soul in the after life and he wouldn't if he already knows its not worth it.

So just think about what you are saying no to... That is to be born once and die twice and why these sayings are not just cliches with no truth.

So be born again is to accept Jesus as Lord Saviour which is you believe in God and have not rejected the idea of God a better place and so on, God will likely reveal to you who he is and from there allow you to accept him as Lord. Accepting Jesus as Lord is the Key to eternal life, because he is the Son of God, Lord / Ruler of our Lives giving to him by the Father. By accepting Jesus as Lord as there is no bi-passing him, you will be Born Twice and Live Twice.


It may be hard for a while to put all this into full perspective and accepting it for what it is. The main thing is you are aware of it and that is the step and seed that will grow and allow the truth to sink in and where you will see that God is more than a figment of your imagination. Everything is because of him and has created everything.

Living this life is a short ride and it points to the reason why God is there in the end and why we need him so badly. Also why dying because of our SINs is actually a blessing in disguise to how we get to a kingdom of eternal happiness in the end. This is why the book of revelation is so real. Who believes in it? This is the significance to Jesus and the importance to it all.

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